Welcome Back Registration for JC classes in 2023

All graduating students who wish to join JC H2 math classes will get to enjoy priority and special privileges.

Graduating students who register for 2023 JC H2 math classes from 15 Nov 2022 to 30 Nov 2022 will enjoy:

  • Special early-bird fee of $400 for 4 lessons. This early-bird fee will be fixed for you as long as you stay in the 2-year programme and it is only applicable to you. New students will have to pay the regular fee.

    Regular fee of $420 for 4 lessons will apply if you register after 30 Nov 2022.

    The regular fee for JC2 classes in 2023 is $460 for 4 lessons. If you sign up before 30 Nov 2022, your fee will be fixed at $400 for 4 lessons even when you are in JC2.

  • Waiver of $80 annual material fee for 2023.


  1. How do I register for the Welcome Back Privileges?
    You have to register between 15 Nov 2022 and 30 Nov 2022 (inclusive) to enjoy the privileges. There will be no extension of the registration period. More details will be sent to you as the date draws nearer. If you register after 30 Nov 2022, you will be registered as a new student and will not enjoy the Welcome Back Privileges.

    To register, please scan the QR code below to fill in the form or you click here: https://forms.office.com/r/AVztXr7NN2

  1. Do I need to pay anything to register?
    Yes, you will have to pay the refundable deposit of $100 upon successful registration. You will be billed a full month’s fee when the school term starts. The fee must be paid before the first lesson.
  1. What is the schedule for JC1 classes in 2023?
    The exact schedule for JC1 H2 Math classes for 2023 will be sent to you at a later date. If all goes according to plans, there should be a weekday class and a weekend class at Bukit Timah. You need to attend class once a week.
  1. When is the first lesson?
    The first lesson will be held during the first week of school (JC).
  1. Can I start at a later date?
    No, all classes will start in the first week. You can go to other classes for a make-up during that week but there will be no refund if you do not go for a make-up. We have to start on time in order to have enough time to prepare for the common test in March.
  1. Do I have to decide on the timeslot when I register? Can I change the class after registration in case my timetable does not allow it?
    Yes, you can switch to a more suitable timeslot once you are clearer about your school’s timetable but that is subject to availability.
  1. What if I decided not to go to JC?
    You will be refunded 100% as long as you let us know before the first lesson (before week 1). If you decided to quit JC after week 1, your refund will be prorated and you will be charged for the number of lessons before your decision.
  1. Will the classes be online or onsite?
    Students will have a choice of attending the lessons online or on-site, just like before.