Online or Onsite? We have both!

Our students can choose join the class online or onsite.


Our online lessons are as effective as our onsite ones.

Our classes have online and onsite options.

Our classes are available online and onsite. Some students do not have a conducive environment to study at home while some students do not wish to waste time on commuting. Our students have a choice to join the class online or onsite at our centre.

Not feeling well but still want to revise for the upcoming test? You can join in the class safely and responsibly at home too.

Rest assured that our online lessons as effective as our onsite lessons. In fact, almost all our students and parents agree that our online classes are as effective as our onsite classes (see the survey results below).


Students agreed that online lessons are "same" or "better" than in-person lessons.


Students agreed that online lessons are effective.


Students agreed that they can clear their doubts effectively.

We don't use Zoom and WhatsApp. We use Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams provides a secured and high-quality platform for our online meeting needs.
We assign and track homework and tests in Teams.
Students can post questions in teams and the class can have a discussion.
All lessons are also recorded and available for review in Teams.

What is Class Notebook?

Class Notebook is the education version of OneNote.
Everything that is written on the Whiteboard is recorded and each student will have a copy the Whiteboard in their own OneNote. No more worrying about copying from the board.
Students with a tablet PC with a stylus can write directly into OneNote and the tutor will be able to read and mark it in real-time.
Tutors can check the progress of the students by reading and correcting what the students are doing in real-time.
All the class history, homework and classwork history are archived so that parents and tutor can track the progress of the student.

All our students (online and onsite) will each have their own Microsoft account, which will come with Teams, Class Notebook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. A total of 24 Microsoft Apps which they can use for their school projects. 

JC H2 Math Trial Lesson

One-time (limited time offer) fee of


Usual trial fee: $150

Secondary Math or Chemistry Trial Lesson

One-time (limited time offer) fee of


Usual trial fee: $150

Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can drop us an email at admin@numberskill.com or you leave us a message.