Chemistry is
so difficult?
Our students don't think so...
Chemistry Tuition
By one of the most-sought-after tutors
Mrs Eileen Ang
Secondary 'O' levels

At Number Skill, we teach students to understand the facts and we practice A LOT!


Improve by at least 3 grades

All of Mrs Ang's chemistry students showed improvement of at least 3 grades in their chemistry after attending her tuition class!

Some of the students who have never passed their chemistry before managed to score distinction after weeks of tutoring from Mrs Ang!

Be taught by one of the most-sought-after chemistry tutors
There are many facts and chemical reactions to memorize. Students always find it difficult to remmeber so many things, especially during exams. So I taught them to use mnemonics and other memory tools to help them remember. Making sure that they understand the concepts and relations is also very important. At the end of it, students will understand what they memorized.
Mrs Eileen Ang

Bachelor of Science (Life Science) 
2005 NUS


Classes available

limited vacancies
  • Sec 2 Science
  • Sec 3 Pure Chemistry
  • Sec 4 Pure Chemistry
  • Sec 4 Combined Science


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