Secondary “N” and “O” Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.

At Numberskill, we teach students to understand the facts and we practice A LOT!


Improvement in grades

Improve by at least 3 grades

Need some extra help to nail your chemistry paper? What you need is some tuition.

Numberskill, a maths and science tuition centre, is here to help. We are passionate about students and aspire to help them unlock their fullest potential.

Of all the subjects in secondary school, Chemistry might be one of the most challenging. Why?

Mainly because chemistry requires a lot of critical thinking and analytical skills. In order for one to excel in the subject, its important for each student to obtain a firm grasp of key concepts. If you need a bit of help in that aspect, you can count on Numberskill to provide helpful chemistry tuition!

Mrs Eileen Ang, our resident chemistry expert, has taught numerous students. All of Mrs Ang's “N” and “O” level chemistry students who attended her tuition in Singapore showed improvement of at least 3 grades in their chemistry after attending her tuition class!

Some of the students who have never passed their chemistry before managed to score distinction after weeks of tuition in Singapore from Mrs Ang!

Mrs Ang has a proven track record of helping students achieve better grades in secondary level chemistry. Gain access to tuition in Singapore that will help you not only memorise, but actually understand what is being taught in N or O level chemistry.

Your comprehension of chemistry concepts and how they relate to each other will also improve with the expert tuition of Mrs Ang in Singapore. Join us in chemistry tuition today and witness your grades soar!

Learn In Advance

Our students are confident in their homework and exams because we keep them ahead.

Guaranteed Improvement

100% of our students show improvements in their grades after just a few weeks.

Specialist Tutor

Specialized in chemistry tuition since 2005.

Be taught by one of Singapore’s most sought-after chemistry tutors

There are many facts and chemical reactions to memorize. Students always find it difficult to remmeber so many things, especially during exams. So I taught them to use mnemonics and other memory tools to help them remember. Making sure that they understand the concepts and relations is also very important. At the end of it, students will understand what they memorized.

Mrs Eileen Ang

Bachelor of Science (Life Science), 2005 NUS

CLASSES AVAILABLE limited vacancies

  • Sec 2 Science
  • Sec 3 Pure Chemistry
  • Sec 4 Pure Chemistry
  • Sec 4 Combined Science

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