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Mr Gary Ang was featured on The Straits TimesThe Sunday Times, The Newpaper, My Paper and Popular magazine. He was also frequently interviewed by the media for his views on the education industry. 

He was an invited guest speaker at the Popular Bookfest 2014 and an author of A-level H2 Mathematics assessment book.

He is also a partner of YouTube Edu, which is YouTube’s corpus of 700k+ high quality educational videos from partners like Khan Academy, Stanford and TED-Ed.

Mediacorp Channel 8 news - 24 Aug 2019

Interview for a featured news on online tuition in Singapore.

Gary was interviewed by Mediacorp Channel 8 News on his opinions about online tuition in Singapore. Click here to watch the interview

Mediacorp Channel 8 news - 15 Jul 2018

Interview for a featured news on exaggerated advertising claims by tuition centres

Our founder, Gary Ang, was interviewed in the Mediacorp Channel 8 news. He was asked for his opinions on the exaggerating advertising claims by many tuition centres.

Click here to watch the interview.

The Straits Times - 12 Sep 2016

Tried and tested ways to prepare for year-end exams


The Straits Times - 23 May 2016

Super Tutors in Demand

super tutor

The Sunday Times - 10 Apr 2016

Get the right strategies for success in mathematics

2016 0410 Sunday Times Feature web

My Paper - 10 Mar 2016

2016 0310 MyPaper

The Newpaper - 9 Mar 2016

Love, not fear, math

2016 0309 Newpaper

The Straits Times - 7 Dec 2015

More tuition providers offering online classes

ST-online tuition

The Sunday Times

Tutor's flair for figures opens up options

Sunday Times - largeSunday Times -small-1

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Pop Club - A Popular Magazine

How to find volume generated by a curve

Magazine ad (both pages)

Guest Speaker at Popular BookFest 2014



Partner of YouTube Edu

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