Dear parents.

We have used zoom quite smoothly over the past two weeks to conduct our classes and the feedback had been generally good so far. We understand that there will be concerns regarding the recent reports of zoom meetings being hacked. We are equally concerned too. As such, we wish to reach out to you to assure you that we are taking all necessary precautions to prevent such incidents.

From the start, we have enabled the following safety features to minimize any disruption to class:

  1. Disabling screen sharing function by all except the teacher.
  2. Disabling the recording function by all except the teacher.
  3. Enabling the waiting room function so that we only allow our students in.
  4. Classroom will be locked once everyone is in so that no one else can join the meeting mid-way.
  5. We can remove anyone from the session if there is any inappropriate behaviour.

We want to make the online session as simple to join as possible. This is why we do not want to issue a different password for each session.

Since we will only allow our students into the classroom, we will need all our students to log in using their real name. For an added layer of security, we will need all participants to enable their camera so that we can see their faces for a visual check that we have the right people in the classroom.

With all these measures in place, we hope our zoom sessions will not suffer the kind of disruption we read about in the news.

That said, we are also exploring using other alternatives. We will update you accordingly in due time.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Best regards,

Gary Ang

Founder, Principal tutor

Number Skill Learning Centre