Dear parents, 

The year is almost coming to an end. Some of our students will be graduating from our care while others will move on to the next year where new adventures await. We would like to update you on the classes available to your child as he or she moves to Secondary 3.  

Moving on to Sec 3 

Life in Sec 3 will not be easy. There will be new subjects such as Chemistry, Elementary Math (E. Math) and Additional Math (A. Math) among others. In short, there will be a lot of content to be covered in Sec 3 and this will lay an important foundation for the O-level examination the following year. Students with a weak foundation in Sec 3 will struggle badly when they move on to Sec 4. They would have to grapple with the Sec 4 topics, which will come fast and furious, and their results will be weighed down by the Sec 3 topics. All our students who built a strong foundation during their Sec 3 year went on to do very well for the O-level. 

Our centre will have classes for Chemistry, E. Math and A. Math. The Sec 3 Chemistry and E. Math classes will be taught by Mrs Eileen Ang while the A. Math class will be taught by Mr Gary Ang.  

Do note that Sec 3 Math (both E and A) are very heavy in content. Therefore, it is necessary to split the Math class into two in order to ensure that we have sufficient time to prepare for exams. The E. Math class will cover only E. Math topics and the A. Math class will cover only A. Math topics. 

These new 2021 Sec 3 classes will be starting in December 2020 

The Plan 

Lessons in November will proceed as usual. However, Eileen will be using these lessons to start teaching some Sec 3 E. Math topics.  

Going into December, there will be some changes to the class structure: 

  1. E. Math and A. Math lessons will be 2 hours each, 
  2. Chemistry lessons will be 1.5 hours each. 

The Math class will be split into two: E. Math and A. Math classes. We will update you once the schedule is ready.  

Secure your Early-bird discount 

Students who transit to our Sec 3 classes will enjoy the Early-bird rate of $300 for 4 lessons ($75/lesson). The usual fee is $340 for 4 lessons ($85/lesson). This Early-bird rate will apply as long as the student does not withdraw from the class, even through Sec 4.  

To enjoy the Early-bird discount, the student must transit over to the new class in December. There will be not Early-bird discount for students who join in 2021.  

Discount for multiple classes 

Students who sign up for multiple classes will get a 20% discount for the fee of the second class. For example, if your child decides to sign up for both A. Math and Chemistry classes, there will be a 20% discount for the Chemistry fee. If the student signs up for all three classes, then there will be 20% discount for the second and third classes. Please note that the discount only applies to the regular lesson fee and it does not apply to material fee and deposit. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We hope we can continue to bring the best out of your child in 2021. 

Thank you for your attention. 

Yours sincerely,
Mr Gary Ang and Mrs Eileen Ang