Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (class)

  • Attendance policy
    1. There is no refund for lessons missed for all reasons.
    2. A refund of the fee is only applicable if the student is hospitalized. Document proof must be submitted during the application for a refund.
    3. Students are expected to turn up to class on time. There is no make-up for lost time due to students being late for class.
    4. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed even if lessons are missed for valid reasons. Make-up lessons are scheduled only if there is an available and suitable slot for the student.
    5. Make-up lessons will not be possible for some classes. In such cases, students will have to watch the video recordings of the lesson missed to catch up.
    6. There is generally no lesson on public holidays. Lessons that fall on public holidays will be rescheduled to another time on another day when it is possible. There will be no refund for students who do not turn up for the rescheduled lesson.


  • Fee policy
    1. The invoice for each month will be sent via email and/or SMS to the parents at the registered email address and/or mobile number within the first week of each month. Please check your spam folder if the email did not arrive in your inbox.
    2. The fee must be paid in full before or on the due date, which is the 15th day of each month.
    3. A late fee of $10 will be added automatically after the due date.
    4. There is no refund of fee for unattended lessons.
    5. Extra lessons attended will be chargeable on top of the regular fee.
    6. Students who miss two weeks’ of lessons without paying the current month’s fee will be deemed terminated and will have the deposit forfeited.
    7. Fee can be paid by cheques, Paypal, credit cards or PayNow. Please refer to the invoice for details.
    8. A receipt will be emailed to the registered email address when payment is received. Please keep the receipt as proof of payment.
    9. Material fee, when applicable, covers only notes and worksheets but not books. The yearly material fee is not refundable and it is not prorated. Material fee, when applicable, will be charged when the student enrols in the class (for that year) and at the beginning of each year subsequently.
    10. The first copy of notes and worksheets will be covered by the material fee. To prevent wastage, subsequent copies of notes and worksheets requested will be chargeable at the rate of $0.10 per sheet.


  • Withdrawal policy
    1. Parents must give one month’s notice for withdrawal from the class unless the class ends due to graduation.
    2. The one-month period will be counted from the day the withdrawal notice is served. For example, if the withdrawal notice is served on 20 Oct, the last lesson will be on or before 19 Nov.
    3. The withdrawal notice must be sent by the parent via email to admin@numberskill.com. SMS or WhatsApp text messages from the student do not count.
    4. The deposit will be used to offset the final month’s fee.
    5. The deposit will be forfeited if the withdrawal is to be immediate.
    6. The deposit will be forfeited if there is no one-month’s notice for withdrawal. We reserve the right to crawl back whatever outstanding fee on top of the forfeiture of the deposit.
      • Reserved Rights
        1. Number Skill Learning Centre Pte Ltd reserves the right to terminate or suspend the student(s) from a class without any refund if
          • the student’s behaviour adversely affects the other student or students, and/or
          • the student’s special needs are beyond our scope of care, and/or
          • the student shares his/her online resources, including but not limited to his/her online lessons with others without written consent.
        2. There will be no refund of the deposit and any unused fee in the event of such termination or suspension.


      • Privacy Policy
        1. We will only collect information that we need such as full names, email addresses, mobile numbers and mailing addresses. We do not/will not share this information with any other party.
          This will allow us to communicate effectively in case of an emergency.
        2. The information collected will be stored in the cloud with all reasonable security precautions. Our data is stored with reputable service providers such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services via their various platforms.
          As such, we shall not be liable for any data breach that happens on these platforms.
        3. We do not collect or store any credit/debit card information on our server. Payment details are processed by reputable third-party providers such as Stripe or PayPal.
        4. When using our online services, the system may send cookies to your devices for tracking and identifying purposes. How the cookies are stored in your devices depends on the setting on your devices/browsers. Do note that if you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to access some portions of our service.
        5. An image of an identifiable person is personal data, therefore a photo of a person is personal data belonging to that person.
          • Students attending classes online have to turn on their front-facing camera for the entire duration of the class.
          • Students’ faces will therefore be captured by the recording of the online class.
          • If the student is uncomfortable with his image being captured during the online class, he should opt for an on-site class instead.
        6. Photos may be taken during classes or events and these photos may be used in our marketing campaigns.
        7. Our premises are fitted with CCTV for safety and security. By entering our premises, you/your child agree to have your/your child’s images recorded by our CCTVs for safety and security.