No Mid-Year Exams? No Stress!

Join our "O" and "A" Level Mid-Year Exam Assessment for FREE!

The traditional Mid-Year Examination (MYE) is especially useful for graduating students taking the GCE "O" and "A" level exams at the end of the year. With the cancellation of the MYE, students cannot train themselves to perform in exam conditions and do not know how prepared they are to face the real exam in a few months.

We will be conducting our in-house MYE to help our students prepare themselves and we would like to invite you to join us for this exam simulation and the coaching session that follows. It will be completely free of charge.

3 simple steps to join us for this free assessment:

  1. Print the exam paper that we will be sending you,
  2. Follow the instructions and attempt the paper in one sitting within the stated time,
  3. Attend the coaching session to learn from your mistakes and know how prepared you are.

Simply fill up the form below or click the link here and we will send you the details.

Note that this exam simulation is only suitable for students taking "O" level Additional Maths or "A" level H2 Maths