Revise JC1 Topics

Join our revision class for free!

Half the year is gone, it's time to take stock. Join us for our in-house Mid-Year Revision for JC1.

It will be completely free of charge.

The topics covered include:

  1. Equations and inequalities
  2. Summation
  3. APGP
  4. Conics
  5. Transformations
  6. Functions
  7. Vectors

Ok, I understand that not all of you have learnt all the topics and some topics you have learnt in school are not listed here. Simply do what you can and skip what you haven't learnt. Different schools do different topics at different time, so, can't really please everyone here.ย 

3 simple steps to join us for this free assessment:

  1. Print the exam paper that we will be sending you,
  2. Follow the instructions and attempt the paper in one sitting within the stated time,
  3. Attend the coaching session to learn from your mistakes and know how prepared you are.

Simply fill-up the form below or click the link here and we will send you the details.

The revision session will be held on 23 Jun 2020 (Tue) 4-6 pm. It is an online session! Don't blur!

The link to the session will be sent to you together with the paper.