Mr Ang is a dedicated, down-to-earth, inspiring and patient tutor who helps students to easily assimilate complex mathematical concepts without losing depth, which is essential in order to score for H2 Math. Many who are struggling with H2 Math (like myself) would understand that confidence, coupled with the right amount of the right type of practice are often lacking, which results in undesirable grades. Mr Ang's lessons effectively tackle these areas of weaknesses, but it doesn't stop there - he makes a point to instill in every student a solid foundation for each topic (that your school won't really teach) and relate these mathematical concepts to real-life, which is especially important in the revised 9758 syllabus. The enriching yet entertaining lessons effectively encouraged me to press on and realise that there is nothing that cannot be solved if you really know the principles behind what you're learning. Thank you Mr Ang for all the help you have rendered in the arduous 2 years of JC!