I am a private candidate sitting for the GCE A levels for the second time now in 2015. I approached Numberskills around June this year (2015) in the hopes of finding an experienced tutor who is able to clear my doubts which I had accumulated quite a number of during my self-study this half year long. However, I was more inclined towards a correspondent method of tutoring due to my vision impairment which hinders me from following group tuition classes smoothly. I hoped that the tutor from Nunberskills could allow me to learn through such online methods, but I knew it wouldn't be easy for any tutor to agree to that. It was inconvenient and time-consuming.

I met Mr Ang, the principal tutor of Numberskills and found him very approachable and understanding. He expressed great empathy towards my predicament and offered an alternative way of helping me. He made an exception case for me to be able to utilize his online tuition facilities which he has yet to open to public consumption, and I agreed to give it a try. On hindsight, it was the right choice to make. Back at home, I began to view the recorded videos that Mr Ang has posted into his website, allowing me to watch them at my own free time and pace. They feature Mr Ang's detailed guidance in solving some of the most typical and high-order thinking questions that are bound to be tested in the exams, which serve to highlight to its viewers the trend of exam questions and exactly which key points to take note . Mr Ang emphasizes vital learning points in his teachings through a variety of ways, including repetition, more similar questions in that typical concept, the use of different colored annotations and so on. Regardless of visual or audio effect, Mr Ang conveys his teachings to his viewers through the videos rather explicitly and concisely. Over a month or so, I have watched a total of almost 20 Numberskills videos. Hence, I have a better grasp on the method of answering more complicated questions. As my understanding on these higher level math problems improved, new questions are raised of which I require deeper explanation. Fortunately, Mr Ang arranged for a Skype session with me to allow me to clear my doubts with him all at once. It proved to be very effective and time-saving. I feel that the Skype sessions could be so productive because the explanations in the videos are detailed and comprehensive enough such that the doubts that I have are comparatively minimal and straight to the point. I feel that the online tuition from Nuberskills is of high quality and very fulfilling for a new launched platform.

All in all, I discover great potential in online tuition provided by Numberskills, a great part of it is attributed to its dedicated principal tutor and the quality of the pedagogy. I hereby express my utmost gratitude to Numberskills and most importantly to Mr Ang, who has extended his help to me time and again in my journey towards A Level this year.