Mr Ang is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher who constantly extends tuition sessions just to make sure we cover more content. It is rare to witness such selflessness where a teacher extends lessons up to even an additional of 2 hours without complaint or cost. Every lesson he teaches testifies to his sincere desire for each student to do well. He does not turn anyone down regardless of how "silly" a question might seem and he would share challenging questions with us if he does come across any so as to better the class' standards as a whole. I am very grateful to be under Mr Ang's guidance and care as he is not only dedicated but proficient in teaching math. What makes a good teacher is not only his qualifications but his ability to teach and Mr Ang certainly has both qualities. Mr Ang has a dearth of resources for practice and each topic is taught in a structured way which helps students cover the entire syllabus with ease. Furthermore his classes are always taught in an enjoyable and relatable manner; we as students look forward to going to tuition with him as he never fails to cause an eruption of laughter in class while acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for math. I have certainly improved by leaps and bounds under Mr Ang and 10/10 I would recommend students weaker in math to join Mr Ang's classes 🙂