Mr Ang is a very dedicated and patient teacher!! He always manages to make math seems fun and easy and more approachable. His belief and confidence in our abilities motivates us to strive for our very best for each exam/test!! Not to mention he always forks out time for us outside tuition lessons to answer our questions amidst his busy schedule. His lessons are very enjoyable. He also puts in a lot of effort to make his lessons interesting and thus every lesson is very enjoyable and always filled with joy and laughter ๐Ÿ™‚ Mr Ang is also a very tech savvy person!! The way he incorporates technology with math has helped me view math in a totally different light. Like which math teacher would literally draw out a 3 dimensional plane, painstakingly plotting out all the points, just to aid your visual learning?!?! You only get this at numberskill Math Tuition.