I am very grateful to Mr Ang for his coaching in Maths, as he makes JC Maths easier to understand. The notes he gives are comprehensive yet covers the primary skills for each topic, that I do not feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I need to learn per topic. But of course, merely reading the notes will not go far without the fiery passion provided by the tutor. In this department, Mr Ang does not disappoint! His enthusiasm in Maths coupled with his understanding of the problems students today face with the JC Maths syllabus makes him, in my opinion, one of the most dedicated and patient tutors I have learned from. I am especially delighted that given my hectic schedule juggling between A levels and National Service, thank god, Mr Ang has live online lessons and video lectures I can review to fit into my schedule.

Being able to relate to students' problems in Maths, breaking down seemingly complex problems into simple concepts and a burning passion towards Maths combined with utilising the power of technology into classroom teaching has made Mr Ang's Maths lessons a joyful experience. I do not promise that Maths would be a breeze under his tutelage. But I can assure you the road ahead towards that A would be less bumpier with his guidance.

To Mr Ang, thank you for your patient guidance! I hope to make you proud in my A levels, no matter how much I struggle with my time management. To prospective students, I do not hesitate to recommend NumberSkill as the right tuition for you! May Mr Ang inspire you to love Maths, as he has done for me.