I joined numberskill math tuition at the start of my JC2 year, having done poorly for math in my JC1 year and it was not long after which I regained confidence when doing Math. Mr Ang thoroughly and patiently goes through every concept in the syllabus and ensures that we won't be stumped by any questions due to poor grasp of concepts. He offers his free time after lessons to answer student's questions and often offers extra lessons for newcomers and students who still have doubts in certain topics to ensure that no one is left behind in class. He also offers other forms of catching up such as video recordings of every lesson, which are made available for students to view if the need arises. Aside from his care for all his students, he is also a great educator and uses a variety of methods to approach the concepts taught, catering to all students with different learning styles. He often probes students to actively think and participate in the lessons, and never puts us down when we make mistakes. He is also systematic and extra lessons and fees payment hardly cause any confusion or trouble for students, if ever! ^^