Get That Distinction-A Level Pure Mathematics

Available in Popular Bookstores from December 2014.

This book is specially designed for students who want to test their skills to a higher level. There are two levels of questions in each chapter. Advanced Questions are of similar or slightly higher standard than the actual A-Levels examination. Students are expected to be able to solve all of them. Challenging Questions are designed to push the student’s limit and are questions that are more unusual.

All the skills needed to solve the questions are within the student’s scoop of knowledge. The detailed worked solution will enable students to learn from their mistakes and at the same time coach them on certain concepts.

If you can solve all the questions in this book, you'll probably be able to solve all the questions in the A-levels examination!

Think you have what it takes to score an A for your H2 mathematics examination? This book is all about training students to score an A for their H2 mathematics examination comfortably. 

Transform yourself into a competent and confident student of mathematics by mastering the questions in this book.

This book is designed to test your competency and push the limit of your mathematical skills. Upon the mastery of all the questions, you would have significantly increased your chance of scoring an A for your H2 mathematics examintion.

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Sample questions

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