Nothing Beats Being There Live.

But sometimes watching it on video is just as good!

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numberskill online modules

Take your time and learn it by topic

numberskill Online Modules are actual recordings of lessons packaged into different topics. 

For just SG$58 for each module, you get:

  • 1 year unlimited access to all the videos in the module.
  • Exclusive full-colour notes with practices.

Currently available modules are:

  1. JC H2 Math - Vectors
  2. JC H2 Math - Complex Numbers

For a limited time only, buy both modules at SG$100 only! Bear in mind that full-paying students paid over SG$1,000 to attend all 16 lessons over 4 months.

Buy the modules now and master these killer topics once and for all!

numberskill online classes

Join in the weekly lesson, virtually.

numberskill Online Classes are recordings of actual live lessons made available when the lessons ended. Online students will get to learn everything as if they were physically here in class. 

numberskill Online Classes are suitable for students who have a busy schedule and cannot commit time for regular weekly lesson. With numberskill Online Classes, students can now choose the day and time for their tuition classes and best of all, at the comfort of home.

For just SG$58 per month, you get:

  • Learn everything that was taught in actual live classes.
  • Exclusive full-colour notes with practices.
  • Full access to videos from past lessons.

Classes currently available for Online Classes are:

2015-JC1A (Class is held on every Sat at 1400hrs)

Topics covered by JC1A include:
1. Inequalities
2. Binomial Series
4. Conics and curve sketching
5. Transformation of graphs
6. Functions
7. Summation
8. Mathematical Induction
9. Techniques of differentiation
10. Applications of differentiation 

2015-JC1B (Class is held on every Sat at 0900hrs, suitable for PJC) 

Topics covered by JC1B include:
1. Vectors
2. Techniques of differentiation
3. Applications of differentiation
4. Maclaurin's series
5. Techniques of integration
6. Applications of integration
7. Conics and graph sketching

Bear in mind that students pay up to SG$340 per month to attend live classes. 

For a limited time only, subscribe 3 months of lessons for only SG$150 or subscribe 6 months of lessons for only SG$270.