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Proven Results!

Here are some statistics to be proud of.

100% of the students improved by at least 3 grades after joining number skill.

More than 80% of the students scored A or B.

Many of these students came for tuition because they were not doing well for their math. Most are failing, scoring Us and Es. The results go to show that it doesn't matter which school you came from. As long as you put in the hard work, getting an A or B is not impossible.

Concept and Practice (CAP)

At number skill, we believe that every student can and should score As for their math and science. There is no secret to doing well in math and science; it all boils down to two words: Concept and Practice (CAP).

Gary Ang (Founder and Principal Tutor of numberskill) has helped innumerable students overcome their fear and phobia of math, using his unique blend of CAP. Ever since he became a full-time math tutor in 2004, hundreds of students have scored As for their “O” and “A” levels examinations, under his guidance.


  • Learn-in-advance approach
  • Lessons are recorded
  • Focus on understanding concepts
  • Teach the way our brains learn
  • Exams oriented
  • Proven track record

Concept and Practice (CAP)

understanding of concepts

Mathematical concepts are presented to students in clear and concise short lectures. Students will be shown examples on how things are supposed to be done.

applying concepts learnt

Hereafter, students are guided to attempt questions based on these concepts. Students are constantly encouraged to ask questions if they have any doubts.

mastery of topic

Through this unique way of learning, understanding, trying, questioning and eventually mastering, many students not only managed to improve their grades in math, but also grew to enjoy it.

At numberskill math tuition, we strongly believe in proper guidance for students. This means we emphasise on quality teaching that not only imparts skills but also nurture our students into competent and confident students of mathematics.

Why Choose us?

Optimal class size

To ensure our students get necessary attention and yet promote lively and mentally stimulating discussions, our class size is kept small (max. 20).


To ensure our students are confident in school, we adopt a learn-in-advance approach. We teach ahead of the school and we teach more! We teach our students skills such as “synthetic division” and “cover-up rule” so that they are not only competent and confident, they are also faster!

numberskill Replay

To ensure our students are always ready for any tests or exams, we can reteach them any topic they want to revise at any time they want via numberskill's Replay. All lessons are recorded in HD video and uploaded into a private folder. Students need not worry about forgetting certain concepts before a test or missing any lessons since they can always re-attend any lesson in the comfort of their homes. Worrying about copying from the board or forgetting some difficult math? That is so passé!

Focus on understanding concepts

To ensure our students learn well enough to be able to understand the key concepts and teach others, we deliver our lectures clearly and concisely. Our students do not merely know how to do it, they understand everything about it. Whenever possible they will also learn the real-life applications of math! We don't learn math just to pass exams, we learn math to understand the world better!

Teach the way our brains learn

We teach the way our brains learn. Scientific researches have shown that our brains cannot pay attention for more than 10-15 minutes. Our lectures are therefore divided into 10-15 minutes segments. Scientific researches have also shown that our brains learn better and remember more when there is actual experience of an event. Therefore, after the short lecture, our students will practice what was being taught earlier. This way, our students can immediately try out what they were taught and clear up any doubts before moving on.

Exams oriented

Results, results, results. While we may at times discuss questions that will never be featured in the “O” or “A” levels examinations (but never say never), we are always laser-focused on scoring As for these major exams. So, besides being able to solve questions in exams, our students also know how casinos make money, know how to increase the chance of winning the Monty Hall game, know the Birthday Problem and much more!