IP Math and IB Math Singapore

IP Math and IB Math Singapore

What is IP and IB Math?

The fee depends on when the student join. Fees are adjusted every half-yearly. Generally, the earlier the student joins, the lower the fee. Once joined, the fee will remain unchanged. However, should a student terminate his enrolment and rejoin at a later window, the fee for that later window will apply. It is therefore possible to have students paying different fees in the same class.

 All the lessons are recorded since the inception of the class. Students who join the class at a later date will also have access to all the videos from past lessons. Therefore, students who joined at a later date actually have access to all the lessons from the past months despite not paying the fees for the past lessons. The tiered fees therefore balance the benefits the students enjoy.

 Of course I will do my best to help all my students regardless of when they join but the truth is, the more time I have to work with the student, the better the results in the end. Past records showed that almost all students improved their math results by at least 3 grades, but it was those students who were with me longer had a higher chance of getting an A. Hence, the tiered fees would encourage students to join earlier (and have a higher chance of scoring A) rather than later.

For 2015 (JC1 and JC2 fees for 4 lessons)
Enrol from June 2015     ($340)
  • Should there be 5 lessons in a month, the fee will be prorated accordingly.
  • Extra revision lessons during the school holidays are compulsory and fee for that month will be prorated accordingly.
  • Fee is based on the number of scheduled lessons not the number of lessons attended by the student. So, if there were 5 lessons scheduled but the student only attended 4, the fee payable will still be for 5 lessons.

$100 Refundable Deposit

We do not collect any registration fee but we need to collect a $100 refundable deposit. This deposit will be refunded to the student upon graduation or withdrawal. Parents are expected to give a month's notice to withdraw from the class. The deposit will then be refunded when the last invoice is paid. 

Deposit must be paid to reserve a seat for the student before the student attends the first lesson. It can be done via credit/debit cards, Paypal or bank transfer.

Should the student decides not to continue after the first lesson, the deposit shall be used as the fee for the trial lesson.

$50 Material Fee (for JC students only)

All our JC notes are meticulously written and in full colour. As such, there is a $50 material fee yearly for all JC students. It covers all the notes and worksheets but not books needed for the whole year.

This material fee is not refundable should the student withdraws from class before the year ends. 

Material fee for all students is the same regardless of when they join the class and will last till the calendar year ends.