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7 Feb 2020

Contingency Plans

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7 Feb 2020

Contingency Plans for Heightened DORSCON

Dear parents,

In view of the heightened DORSCON to ORANGE by MOH today, we wish to let you be aware of our contingency plans should the situation worsen. We want to assure you that we take your child’s wellbeing very seriously.

Below are some of the possible scenarios that we have planned for:

1.     If the student is quarantined under order from MOH

Do not come to class. The lesson will be streamed live and recorded so that student can either watch the live stream or choose another time to watch the recorded video.

During live streaming, should the student have a question, he/she can WhatsApp the tutor on the spot. The tutor may ask the student to send a picture of his/her work for checking. Tutors have been reminded to space out the delivery of the lesson to ensure that students watching the live stream can have time to respond.

In short, classes will go on as usual and students' progress will not be affected even if the student is quarantined.

There will be no refund of fee due to lesson(s) missed because of the quarantine order.

2.     If the student is unwell

Do not come to class if the student is unwell. Live streaming of the lesson will be provided. If the student is unable to watch the live stream, the student can watch the recorded video.

Should the student have a question, the student can still WhatsApp the tutor the question with regards to the video lesson.

However, do note that the response may not be immediate as the student may be watching the recorded lesson at another time.

For one-to-one students, a valid MC is required for a replacement class.

For all other students, a make-up lesson can be arranged if possible. If a make-up lesson is not possible, the student will have to watch the recorded video and close up the gaps with the tutor when he/she returns to class.

There will be no refund of fee due to lesson(s) missed even if there is a valid MC.

Fee of lesson(s) missed if the student is hospitalized will be refunded.

3.     If the tutor is quarantined but not unwell

Should the tutor be under quarantine order but is not unwell, students do not need to come to our centre for class. The tutor will conduct the lesson using our online teaching platform. We will send out all the necessary information to the students before the start of the lesson. It will be a live session and it will be recorded as well. The recorded session will be useful for students who got disconnected midway through the session.

4.     If the tutor is hospitalised due to the coronavirus

The students will be informed timely and the students do not need to come to class. The lessons will be cancelled. The fee for the affected lessons will be refunded.

Please note that these are just contingency plans. Should any of these scenarios happen, we will all know what to do and be ready. We hope we don’t have to use any of these plans.

Also, live streaming of lesson is not possible for some classes. In those cases, the lesson will be recorded instead.

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Please take care and stay safe.

Gary Ang

Founder, Principal tutor
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