About Gary Ang

Gary Ang
Founder, Principal Tutor

Master of Science (Mathematics) (NIE, NTU)
Bachelor of Social Science (2nd Upper Honours, Political Science and Math) (NUS)
Scholar of University Scholars’ Programme (NUS).
Author of H2 JC math assessment book.

USP certificate


ary Ang is the founder of Number Skill Learning Centre. He has been teaching mathematics professionally since 2004. His educational background is as impressive as his renowned tuition classes. He graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science (2nd Upper Honours), where he double majored in Mathematics and Political Science and went on to do his Honours thesis in Political Science. He then continued to enhance his knowledge in Mathematics at the National Institute of Education (NIE), an institute of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), where he graduated with a Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators) degree.
He was a scholar at the University Scholars’ Programme in NUS, a premier programme in NUS for the top 5% of student population and was also a recipient of the Dean’s list.
He also holds memberships at the Association of Mathematics Educators, Singapore Mathematical Society and American Mathematical Society.

Tutor's Foreword

Dear students,

Thanks for dropping by my website. I hope you will find something useful to you.

You probably hear this from many teachers: “The A levels examination is the most difficult time in any student’s academic journey.” Life in university is a lot less stressful; as long as you keep up, you are unlikely to do badly in the university. Let’s put it this way, you will get your degree once you get into a university. But if you want to get into the Dean’s list, you still have to work very hard.

The problem is to do well enough in the A levels to get into a course you like in university.

Practicing questions from the Ten-Year Series (TYS) is no longer enough to secure an A for H2 Mathematics anymore. It is true that roughly about 70% of the questions in the A levels are similar to those in the TYS. But it is the 30% that will determine who is an A student. Examples of such questions are:

  • In 2007, Paper 1 Question 9 (Recurrence relations)
  • In 2008, Paper 1 Question 11 (iii) (Vectors)
  • In 2009, Paper 1 Question 3 (Piece-wise function)
  • In 2010, Paper 2 Question 10 (Linear regression)
  • In 2011, Paper 1 Question3 (iii) (Parametric equations)
  • In 2012, Paper 2 Question 8 (Linear regression)
  • In 2013, Paper 2 Question 11 (Probability)
  • In 2014, Paper 2 Question 9 (Hypothesis testing)

Increasingly, students are required to “think on their feet” in order to do well in their mathematics exams. Knowing the concepts well is no longer sufficient, students need to have that confidence in them to face the “never-seen-before” questions and solve them confidently. In order to have that kind of confidence going into the examination hall, students need to have the skills and the exposure to all types of problems.

All lessons at numberskill Math Tuition are taught by myself to ensure quality delivery. At numberskill Math Tuition, our students are not only taught the concepts in a clear and concise way, they are also exposed to challenging questions regularly. Many of my former students went on to excel in local universities and top overseas universities such as Stanford University. Some even went on to study mathematics and statistics at university level!

Getting an A in H2 math at A levels is not impossible and doesn’t have to be a struggle. I’m sure that my teaching will make you a more competent and more confident student of mathematics. I look forward to seeing you in my class and start scoring As for your math.

Best regards,

Gary Ang

Master of Sci. (Mathematics), NIE, NTU
B. SocialSci (Pol. Sci. and Math) (2nd Upper Hons), NUS, University Scholar’s Programme, NUS.