The 'O' level Maths exams are fast approaching, and some students in Singapore have probably already started revising all the rules, concepts, and topics they've learned in school. However, there is no denying that achieving success in any Mathematics exam requires consistent practice and a deep understanding of all the materials. However, there are some common areas where students often make mistakes, whether during revision or in the actual exam. Fortunately, these mistakes can be corrected, provided that they are identified, and rectified before the students sit for the exams. This blog article covers five common areas where students tend to falter and provides practical tips for overcoming and addressing them effectively.

Mistakes Made While Getting Ready for Your ‘O’ Level Maths Exams

As students embark on their preparations for the upcoming ‘O’ level Maths exams or any exams for that matter, there are certain areas that they may overlook that are actually crucial for success. By integrating the following tactics into your study routine, you can equip yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve outstanding scores:

1. Inadequate Examination Preparation

Finding it hard to juggle all the school work, co-curricular activities and all the revisions to do on top of that? You’re not alone. With so much to do, with so little time, it is common for students to mug for the examinations at the very last minute, with many even burning the midnight oil as a last resort. While skimming through notes and revising the night before an exam can work wonderfully as refreshers, they do not suffice as the sole method of revision. From topics being left untouched to blanking out when a specific Mathematical equation must be applied to solve a question, the risks that come with last-minute revisions outweigh its benefits. As such, be sure to plan ahead and begin your revisions months before the exam. Have nothing planned for the June holidays? Allocate some time to revise! Be it through attending Maths tuition classes or revising on your own, take the time to instil the fundamentals in your mind.

2. Not Memorising Key Concepts and Equations

From topics like Rate and Speed to Algebraic Expressions and Formulae, Maths has a lot of formulas and equations that must be memorised in order to gain mastery in the subject matter. Therefore, you will need to understand the core concepts and know when to apply specific formulas in order to ace your exams. But do note that this means that the mere memorisation of the equations will not cut it. In order to know when to apply them, you’ll need to practise each concept to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the do’s and don'ts.

3. Not Practising Enough

Ask any secondary 4 or 5 students what materials they are using to prepare for their Maths ‘O’ levels, and they are bound to mention their textbooks and the Maths Ten-year Series. But here’s a question — are you utilising them properly?

Given the examination formatting of past year papers and the Ten-year Series, it is best to leverage them in the right way. Instead of taking however much time you need to solve a problem, mimic the examination setting and time the entire process. This way, you will be able to gauge if you’ll be able to complete the actual paper, how long you take to complete each section, which topics you require more revision on, and what else needs to be done to improve time management.

Mistakes Made While Sitting for Your ‘O’ Level Maths Exams

Once the examiner tells you to flip your paper over and starts the timer, it is completely normal for the adrenaline to kick in. This, however, can also bring about a list of issues. Some of these include:

4. Carelessness

Whether you are confident of what concept and logic to apply to solve a question or you’ve practised a similar question before, when Mathematics questions are solved too quickly, careless mistakes are bound to be made. Be it through the deployment of the incorrect formula or forgetting something as simple as the order of operations, many students can err. To prevent this from happening, first, be sure to read the question properly. Thereafter, be sure to work out the problem one step at a time and write everything down legibly. And before the paper is over, be sure to look through all the workings properly and ensure that everything was done correctly.

5. Not Keeping an Eye on the Ticking Clock

Tapping on the last point above — looking through all your steps properly — for this to be possible, you will need to be aware of the time. When the examination starts, most students have only one goal in mind — to complete the paper. However, for this to be possible, you will need to make sure that too much time isn't being spent on solving one question. Distribute your time effectively. Not sure how to solve a problem despite having spent several minutes on it? Come back to it later, and move on to solve other questions.

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