2016 June Holiday Program for JC2(Tampines)

2016 June Holiday Program for JC2(Tampines)


Please note that there are extra revision lessons for all JC2 students during the June holidays.

These extra lessons are on top of the regular weekly lesson.

There will be 3 extra lessons, each lasting 3 hours. The 3 extra lessons will cover vectors, integration and complex numbers. Students are required to attend all 3 extra lessons.

Week 1 31 May 10am-1pm

Integration (Tampines)

Week 2 7 Jun 10am-1pm

Vectors (Tampines)

Week 4 21 Jun 10am-1pm

Complex numbers (Tampines)


Due to limited vacancies, students who wish to go to Bukit Timah branch for the extra lessons have to inform and confirm with me before attending the lesson. Extra lesson schedule for Bukit Timah branch is provided below for your reference:

  Tue Wed
Week 1 31 May 4-7pm

Integration (JC2C)

1 Jun 3-6pm

Vectors (JC2A)

1 Jun 6-9pm

Complex numbers (JC2B)

Week 2 7 Jun 4-7pm

Vectors (JC2C)

8 Jun 3-6pm

Complex numbers (JC2A)

8 Jun 6-9pm

Integration (JC2B)

Week 4 21 Jun 4-7pm

Complex numbers (JC2C)

22 Jun 3-6pm

Integration (JC2A)

22 Jun 6-9pm

Vectors (JC2B)


Weekly regular lessons will be on-going as usual except for the 3rd weekend of June (18, 19 June).

The make-up dates are as follows:

  • 16JC2A: 13 Jun (Mon)@7pm
  • 16JC2B: 14 Jun (Tue)@5pm
  • 16JC2C: 17 Jun (Fri)@3pm
  • 16JC2T: 15 Jun (Wed)@6pm



We will continue to cover statistics up to hypothesis testing.

3rd week of May ending 22 May Normal distribution and Approximation
4th week of May ending 29 May Approximation and Estimators
1st week of Jun ending 5 Jun Estimators and CLT
2nd week of Jun ending 12 Jun Hypothesis testing lesson 1
3rd week of Jun ending 19 Jun Hypothesis testing lesson 2
4th week of Jun ending 26 Jun Timed practice for pure math


The fee for the 3 extra lessons (9 hours) will be the same as 4 regular lessons (8 hours).

So, for students whose regular fee is $300 for 4 lessons, the total fee for June will be $600, and for students whose regular fee is $340 for 4 lessons, the total fee for June will be $680.

Thank you and let’s work toward the A!